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Welcome. I created this site so that owners of Baba, Panda and Tashiba yachts can find where each others' boats are in the world. It uses Google maps and imagery to allow users to place their boat in a location with very fine accuracy and then to add comments that will appear in a bubble when the map marker icon is clicked.

The Map

The map itself uses Google software and should be familiar to anyone who has used Google Earth. In the top left corner of the map there are four arrow icons
These icons allow you to move the image North, South, West or East

These allow you to zoom in and out

You can also use the mouse to drag the map in any direction by positioning the cursor on the map, holding down the left click and dragging in the direction you wish to move. Double clicking with the left click will zoom in, and double clicking with the right click will zoom out.
In many areas of the world there is no map information for a detailed zoom so you will need to zoom out until it finds map data.
Yachts are identified by a map marker: if you click on this marker a bubble will open with details about the yacht. You will not be able to move, or update the details of, your own yacht unless you have logged in.
While the bubble is open, if you zoom in or out, the marker will stay in the same location on the screen
Data for each map entry is displayed in tabular/textual form at the foot of the map.

Registration/Adding your boat

In order to add your boat to the map you need to register on the system. This is a simple process and is needed so that only you can modify the location or details of your yacht. To register follow these steps:
Go to the new user registration page.
Fill in all the details. Your email address is used only to send you the registration confirmation link; it will not be used for any other purpose.
Submit your details by pressing the registration button at the foot of the form. You will then be sent an email containing a link to a web page. When you click on this link or paste it into your browser, you should see a message confirming your registration.
Your yacht will be placed randomly in the mid-Atlantic. You will need to log in to move it and to add/change comments.

Logging in

To login, go to the home page and enter the email and password you used at the registration process. Once logged in you will be taken straight to the map page.

Moving your yacht and adding comments

Having logged in, place your mouse pointer on your map marker and drag the marker to its new location; zoom in for more accurate positioning. When you are happy with the location, click on the centre of the map marker and a bubble will open. Click on the link that says to 'click to save position'. You will then be presented with a new screen where you can enter any comments you wish to appear when users click on your yacht marker. When you click on the submit button your new data is saved.
Due to some problems with caching, your updates may not be displayed right away but you can check if the entry was updated by looking at the table below the map.
HTML in Comments: it is possible to add html into your comments but please be careful with this because I don't check for html validity and a missing " or ' can mess up your entry and stop you changing it!
I have embedded a link on my comments using the following html.
        <a href="">Click Here</a><br/>

To contact me click here

Planned Enhancements

1 - Ability to enter location by directly typing LAT and LONG
2 - Ability to have more than one boat